thefireflii asked:

My family and I are thinking about getting another dog and a corgi was one of the suggestions. We've read that they're vocal dogs. We have a German Shepherd (who are vocal dogs), but ours isn't that vocal compared to what people might consider a "vocal breed." Based on your pictures, I've seen you've been around a lot of corgis. Would you say they're pretty vocal in general? Is Rhys very vocal?

rhysthecorgi answered:

Hmm, this is a great question!  Generally, I think it’s true, corgis are known for being very vocal, especially if you get a large group of corgis together, e.g., So Cal Corgi Beach Days, and it becomes a crazy frapping derpfest haha.  I think being vocal is the norm for corgis since they utilize it during herding, and they’re also super alert so they make great watchdogs.

But, I also think every corgi is unique in his/her own way that it’s hard to say whether yours will be vocal or not (just like how some corgis are more cuddly than others).  Overall, I’d say Rhys isn’t extremely vocal, at least not without a reason.  He’s mostly vocal when he wants attention, is being stubborn/demanding, or is trying to tell us he wants something, e.g., if he’s on the couch and he drops a toy he’s playing with, in the morning to wake me up to give him breakfast, etc.  He’ll bark, too, at dog parks when he’s ‘herding’ the other dogs, or when he gets too excited about playtime with corgdad.  But if he hears or sees something happening outside, he usually runs to investigate rather than bark at it (he :loves: sticking his nose into everything of course!).  He won’t usually bark randomly at nothing haha.  He does like to make funny noises, like boofing and snarfling, so sometimes it feels like we’re having a conversation.  He always cracks me up.

Hopefully that helps you a little bit, and you find an amazing dog (corgi or not) to join your family to share the love! :)

(Maybe other corgi owners can chime in with their experiences, too!)

I totally agree. Our corgs can be very vocal at times. Lucy will bark at thunder, other dogs barking, cars, and squirrels (of course!) She’ll also make a growly, grumbly noise and huff & puff when trying to get our attention.

Oy barks anytime he’s startled, when he’s jealous of Lucy, and at squirrels. He loves to have grumbly conversations when he wants attention which can be the funniest and most annoying thing at the same time.

So, yes, they can be vocal at times, but I would say it’s very manageable.

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